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Zombie- Essential Items To Takeover Zombies Apocalypse

A Zombie are mythical dead person who are returned to life as a walking corpse. Zombie are mostly found in horror and fantasy genre works. Zombie are the dead creatures that have been brought back to life by a virus that are controlled with the help of corpse or by magic and eat the flesh or brains of the living peoples.

Origin Of Zombies

The ancient greeks are the first civilization who terrorized the fear of the undead. The ancient greeks archaeologists have found many ancient graves which contained skeletons of various humans pinned down by rocks and other heavy objects, assumedly to prevent the dead bodies from reanimating.

Essential Items To Takeover Zombies Apocalypse

. Gerber Apocalypse Kit

Knifes are the most essential item in the list. Not only they are used to kill zombies and they are also handy to use. While there are ton of different knives but we figured it’s better to build things in a canvas constructed packaged designed specifically for an outbreak.

. Lifesaver Water Bottle

As humans we literally can’t survive without water so fresh water is must. As there less chances to get boiled water, so you need to make do with natural resources. As this natural resource of water will remove any virus, bacteria or fungi in just a fraction of seconds. So it is very necessary to have lifesaver water bottle with you.

. Dead On Annihilator Super Hammer

Annihilator Super Hammer are a heavy duty hammer that was created specifically to fight against the zombie outbreak which are equipped with a bottle opener, nail puller, multi-purpose wrench, chisel and demolition axe. All these equipment are perfect for skull crushing.

. Tactical Field Ops Watch

This is more than just a watch, this is a device that is equipped with a Sure Shot calculator and digital compass. This watch is waterproof up to 30 metres, and is constructed from a high density polycarbonate frame which give toughness to the watch.

. Fox Titan Sport Jacket Upper Body Armour

This riot gear is too heavy and bulky and this Fox body armour fits the bill very nicely. This lightweight, flexible hard plastic will provide protection while keeping your mobile in it.

. Thermal Eye X50 Thermal Imaging Camera

This thermal imaging camera are used to see the zombie in pure darkness. These are lightweight, waterproof and shock resistant. These thermal imaging camera are perfect set of eyes to see the zombies in the night.

. Leatherman MUT EOD Multi Tool

This multi tool comes with stainless steel handles, wire cutters, serrated knife, needle nose and regular pliers, saw, hammer and a whole lot more. These multi tool can be used in any survival situation. But this multi tool is not equipped with an assault rifle. This multi tool comes in a black sheathe for its easy transport.

. Personal Locator Beacon

This Personal Locator Beacon comes equipped with the internal GPS system, 5 year battery life and can send a distress call to anyone looking for survivors. The ACR Aqua Link personal locator beacon is perfect equipment to find the zombies.

. Vanguard Endeavour ED Binocular

The Vanguard Endeavour ED Binocular are top line binoculars which help you to identify friend and foes far beyond what your eyes can see. These binoculars are completely waterproof, feature of 8.5x magnification, 45mm objective lens and have a lifetime warranty.

. Ultra Fire Tactical LED Flashlight

This flashlight include feature such as 1000 Lumen output, 3 separate modes, water resistant aluminium alloy design and are mounted to a tactical rail. This flashlight help you to keep your arm and leg at the right place in the darkness.

. Eye Tactical Helmet With Mask And Drape

This device is a combo of a solid facemask/helmet which are used to keep your face protected from flesh eating monsters. These are developed specifically for military training programs and this setup is used to fight against zombies.

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