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What is CDN and how does CDN Work and It’s Benefits?

Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network i.e. CDN is defined as the geographically distributed clusters of servers and their data centres that work together to provide fast delivery of the internet content. CDN allows the quick transfer of the assets that are needed for loading the internet content such as HTML pages, JavaScript files, Style sheets, Images and Videos. The properly configured CDN help you in protecting your website against the malicious attacks such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks.

How does CDN Work?

Content Distribution Network or CDN is a network of servers that are linked together with the objective of delivering the data or content as quickly, cheaply, reliably and securely as possible to different network servers. In order to boost up the speed and connectivity of the internet network, the CDN will place the servers at the exchange points between different networks. To minimize the distance between the visitors and your website's server, the CDN stores a cached version of its content in multiple of geographical locations. These internet exchange points (IXPs) are the primary location points where different internet providers associate with each other in order to provide each other access to traffic that originate on different network locations. These network provider reduce the cost and transmit times in high speed data delivery.

Benefits of CDN

. Improves The Web site Load Times – By distributing the content nearer to the website visitors by using a nearby CDN server, visitors can experience faster page loading times. As visitors are more inclined to click aloof from the slow-loading website. With the help of CDN you can reduce bounce rates and increase the amount of time that people spend on the site. In other words, a faster a website means more the visitors will stay and stick around your website for longer time.

. Reducing the Bandwidth Costs – Bandwidth consumption costs for any website hosting is a primary expense for any website. With the help of caching and other different optimization techniques, CDNs are able to reduce the amount of data an origin server should offer, so as to reduce the hosting costs of the website owners.

. Increasing Content Availability and Redundancy of the Website – The massive amounts of traffic or the hardware failure will interrupt the normal website functioning. But with the help of CDN you can handle more traffic and withstand hardware failure better than any other origin servers.

. Improving Website Security - CDN improve the security by providing DDoS (Denial of service attacks) mitigation, enhancement to security certificates and other optimizations.

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