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Trending E-commerce Online Platform of 2021

Updated: May 30, 2021

Building a successful online business start with culling the best e-commerce platform for you. E-commerce platform lets you conformation your online store on the internet without any coding skills, a bottomless budget, or a degree in web designing skills. They come packed with the e-commerce specific design and features to make setting up your online e-commerce business as easy and successful as possible. When picking the best e-commerce online platform one need to cynosure on a couple of factors such as –

. Popularity

. Overall Reputation

. Features

. Customer Service

. Pricing

. Ease of use etc.

Here is the list of some of the best e-commerce platforms such as –

. Shopify (www.shopify.com)

Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce website platforms in 2021. The majority of the e-commerce entrepreneurs are opting for the Shopify platform because of its user-friendly interface. The integration of the Amazon services has also allowed Shopify to greatly convalesce its marketplace on the internet. With an array of Shopify resources available online, it is one of the best e-commerce marketing platforms for your products and services in the e-commerce domain based on two major factors such as –

. Simplicity – Shopify furnishes an individual unprecedented simplicity and fluidity when it comes to setting up and managing an online e-commerce store. So, even a non-technical person can set up a basic e-commerce store with this without much hassle.

. Adaptability – Shopify has kept an owl’s eye on the ever-evolving e-commerce online shopping trends and technologies of 2021. Whether it is in the account of social media purchases or mobile shopping, Shopify has been amongst the first ones when it comes to the adaptation of the online e-commerce platform.

It is a self-hosted platform and furnishes you top-of-line 24*7 customer support service via phone, email, live chat, and Twitter. The price of the Shopify online e-commerce paid version may range from $26 to $299, it can go much upwards if you add themes, plugins, and features to your paid subscription.


. E-Commerce first platform

. Unlimited products, orders, and sales

. Easy to use

. Hosting and SSL certificate included

. Seamless app integration

. Super-fast user experience

. 1-click selling

. Allows you social selling


. Below par SEO performance

. Does not allow complete customization

. Limited free themes

. Increase in the subscription fee when using the apps

. Needs developers for the customization of Shopify

. Zyro (www.zyro.com/in)

Zyro is another drag and drop builder with a host of AI tools and even a logo maker that has everything that one wants to get their store off the ground, such as a hosting platform. There is a free version as well. However, you cannot switch templates and the free Zyro accounts in terms of their functionality.

. BigCommerce (www.bigcommerce.com)

BigCommerce is analogously a new player in the e-commerce industry and is growing at a gargantuan pace of 600% per year. While the other major e-commerce platforms such as Magento and Shopify have yet to cede ground, BigCommerce is doing everything it can to catch up. Their aggressive augmentation strategy has allowed them to strategically challenge the global competition and outgrow themselves as an emanate e-commerce online platform in 2021.

. WooCommerce (www.woocommerce.com)

WooCommerce persistently ranks among the top-rated online e-commerce platform, with an ever-increasing adoption rate. The company regularly introduces and updates the new features as well. One of the reasons for the WooCommerce e-commerce platform's popularity is the fact that it is a simple, free-to-use plugin for WordPress – the most popular CMS in the digital world today. WooCommerce platform allows you to scale your e-commerce store effectively with little to no trouble at all. WooCommerce e-commerce hosting is also readily available to improve your e-commerce store performance. WooCommerce features an individual a secure payment gateway and shopping card.


. Seamless integration with the WordPress website

. Open-source platform

. Easy to use and customize

. Availability of the plugins

. 1-click selling


. Almost zero customer support

. Requires WordPress

. Slows down on scaling up

. Plugin security issues

. Magento (www.magento.com)

Magento's e-commerce platform has also the largest market share in 2021. Magento's open-source e-commerce website platform offers an individual several tools for analytics, monitoring, and conversion optimization. Magento's e-commerce online platform support both OOP and MVC architecture, which is a great deal for the web developer but not so much for the tech-savvy person. Magento proves to be an amazing online e-commerce store platform for your business. One thing to note that the basic version of Magento is free, but the enterprise version will cost you $20,000+ annually.


. E-commerce first platform

. Highly scalable for enterprise-level stores

. Highly customizable and reliable

. Easy integrations

. Solid SEO performance

. 1-click selling

. Open-source platform


. Requires Magento developer/programmer for customization

. Needs good investment for setting up the online e-commerce store with this

. Costly enterprise version and themes

. Zero customer support for the open-source version

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