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Trending 8 SEO Benefits of a Responsive Website Design

Updated: May 25, 2021

There is more than 60 percent of the website available on the web those are not able to take the benefits of the responsive website design as the design of these websites are not optimized. So, one needs to boost their search engine optimization to improve the ranking on the search engine results pages i.e. SERPs. In this competitive world where thousands of websites are available on the web, you must make sure that you are on top of the search results of Google so that all the website designing companies must follow these several things while designing and developing the website.

As failing to implement a responsive website design may lead to –

. Increase in the negative reviews of the website

. Lose of the sales

. Decrease in the traffic of the website

. Lose the old and good customers

. An increase in the bounce rates significantly

Why responsive website design is good for SEO?

Before turning your simple website design into responsive website design, one needs to know all the SEO benefits of going responsive.

So, here are some of the top 8 SEO benefits of a responsive website design that one needs to know such as –

. The website’s speed is increased

The users of the internet expect that a website should load in just a fraction of seconds on the web. If it is taking more than 5 or 10 seconds to load on the web then definitely it is a problem with its design. As nobody in this fast world likes to wait and hence your website will never be visited. The visitor will start getting irritated with the slow loading time and will approach some other website that loads instantly on the web.

If you are using a responsive website design, then it is for sure that the website will load quickly on any of the user’s devices in no time. If the files kept on the website are of less size, then it becomes easy for Google to load them.

. Lower bounce rate

The bounce rate is the number of times people stop over just a single webpage on the website. Google’s main goal is to make sure that the website providing the best user experience possible for each given search query, ranks highest on the Google search results. A responsive website design makes sure that the bounce rate is low regarding the website. With the responsive website design, the quality will be top-notch as the viewers will like to spend more time on the website which may lower the bounce rate of the website. Some of the indicators of a poor experience of the website may entail –

. A high bounce rate of the webpage/website

. Low time spent on the webpage/website

. A low number of page views of the website

. A low number of clicks of the website

Based on the aforementioned Google study, we know that the users will not stay on, nor use your website, to complete their search objective if it offers up a poor mobile experience. One of the core metrics this affects is the bounce rate (i.e. how fast the visitors will leave your website after determining it is not what they want).

. Mobile-first

Responsive web design has become just as conspicuous a priority as search engine optimization and quality content. Google has enforced the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal and has been forthright with their move to a “mobile-first” index. This means that if your website is not optimized for mobile as a priority, all things being equal, then the competitor’s website that is, will likely outrank you in their index.

. Better experience for the user

To improve the SEO ranking of the website, the user experience must be improved and enhanced. The viewer should easily navigate through the website and there must be no blockages in middle. The content that is looking on the website must be within their reach easily.

A responsive website design makes sure that the user experience is good and hence people will love spending more time on the website. This will automatically increase the ranking and search results of the website.

. Increases traffic to your website

Most people use mobile phones to stop over social media platforms. One of the SEO tools is the use of social media to market your website to increase the traffic of the site. If your website is responsive, then it can entertain versatile devices, you can share as many backlinks as possible that can leads to your website on Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Quora, or even on YouTube.

. Cost-effective

One can boost up your SEO ranking with a single responsive website. This may charge you less money and will give you the best returns in a shorter time.

. Backlinks get a boost up

Link building is considered one of the best strategies for sound and effective SEO. More are the high-quality backlinks available on your website, the more it is better. The number of website links never matters what only matters is the quality of the website, the type of websites to whom you will link yours.

Google keeps a note of the backlinks that you have on your website and makes sure that high-quality content is offered to the viewer’s thus increasing the ranking on the SERPs. A responsive website design will make sure that the backlinks will get boost up easily on the website.

. Avoid any kind of plagiarism

If in the case of different user devices you have different websites, make sure that the content does not repeat on the website. Otherwise, in the long run, SEO is harmed on the website. If all the content is unique and good then Google can easily crawl your website on the Google search results and do the indexing of the content thus getting it organized properly. A website is considered responsive only when the entire content of the website is 100% unique.

As website owners, it is our responsibility to make sure that the web place becomes the best place to experience things. With the continuous improvement in technology, the website must be more user-friendly. Therefore, it is required that the responsive website designing is done to make sure that the viewers do not face any type of hurdles while surfing the website on the web.

These are some of the best benefits of responsive website design. All these websites are highly considered by all SEO companies that will help them to rank up a website at a good position in the online world of Google.

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