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Trending 7 ways to come up with great ideas for your Blog Posts

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Effective content marketing is a long-term strategy for generating valuable content for your blog post. Companies that enjoy the apical ROI on their content marketing investment typically promulgate quality content consistently over long periods. However, after the domineering amount of time of promulgating the blog content, it is difficult to bob up with the new blog post ideas that will reverberate with your audience in this technological world.

So to know about the new blog ideas for high-value content that resonates with their audience, you need to follow these ways such as –

. Check out the other industry blogs

The best way to ideate the new blog topics for your company is by candidly looking at the industry landscape. What is other publishing in their blog posts? What kinds of topics are working for them regarding their business?

You need to study the blogs in your industry that promulgate for an akin audience and take note of topics that you have yet to pretense. As you need to look at the topics which the other blogs are covering and figure out a way to write about a similar topic in a better way. You need to use the popular industry blogs as a guidepost for the content that you create. Keep an eye on what resonates with your audience and find ways that can uniquely cover those same topics.

. Expand the existing content

Google favors fresh content, which means the content that has been recently published or recently updated. Amending the old posts that are already performing decently in the organic search but have simply seen deny in traffic is a great shortcut to ramp up with that organic traffic. You need to take a look at this image from the Click Flow that shows you how the fresh content degrades or decays over time and becomes less successful for certain search queries, notably for those that are somewhat influential or trend-based. As updates are particularly important for the topics that change over time because Google wants to make sure that they are connecting the searchers with the most up-to-date information. So, updating the old content can help you –

. To improve your click-through rate

. Help you to fix mistakes in previously published content

. Show Google that your content is neoteric

. Help you in adding the new and relevant context

. Help you to replace the broken links

. Help you in updating the statistics and facts from the current sources

If you are having a hard time coming up with new topics, then you need to try identifying the under-performing blog posts and giving them a bit of a refresh.

. Ask your network for ideas

As your network is a unique tool in your tool belt, so you need to know about the topics in which they are interested. You need to reach out to them through email, social media, or in-person to figure out what topics they are interested in reading about. You also need to pay little attention to suggestions from your industry colleagues as they have unique insight into your industry and might be able to identify more obscure pain points to cover for your audience.

. Follow influencers

Who are the influencers in your industry or your business? Identify the most popular bloggers and social media profiles that are a hit with your audience. These could be individuals or brands. You need to examine what kind of content is gaining traction with their following. These could be the blog posts or smaller pieces of the content such as social media updates etc.

A great tool for identifying these relevant influencers across various social media networks is Upfluence, which can provide you a searchable database of more than 3 million influencers, along with the tools for the outreach.

. Ask your customers

Is there any better source of information than straight from your target audience? You are creating the content for your customers and prospects. So do not be afraid of asking them what kind of content they would be interested in. Ask those questions that are centered on the problems that they are currently having and create detailed, solution-oriented content about those issues.

You need to reach out and engage in a conversation with the customers one-on-one or you can send them a survey regarding those questions on a wider group. Either way, use those answers from your customers to crowdsource the blog post ideas. For example, Survey Monkey is a great tool for quickly creating customer surveys.

. Brainstorm with your sales team

As sales team are the only people who might have nearly as much insight into your customer’s problems as the customers themselves are. As, they speak with your audience on daily basis, working to better understand their needs so that they can position your products as the solution to those problems.

You can send out an email to your sales team, but it might be more effective for you to schedule a meeting with them. Being able to have everyone in the same room bounce ideas off of one another can help you to surface some of the great content ideas that would otherwise stay buried. So you need to work with your sales team to brainstorm the sales enablement content that will help them to close more deals.

. Talk with your customer support team

Customer retention is arguably more important than bringing in new customers. According to Ricci – The probability of converting an existing customer is 60-70% while the probability of converting a new prospect is only 5-20%.

So, no one has more direct contact with your customers daily other than your customer support and customer success teams. As they will intimately know the problems that your customers frontal with your product and can be an inestimable resource for content creation ideas.

So, hosting regular meetings with your customer support teams will not only help you to come up with new content ideas but will also help you to flesh out the other areas of your content strategy such as support documentation and post-sales educational content.

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