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Top 10 Most Popular Punjabi Dishes That Will Make You Drool

Punjab is known for its culinary treasures – warm, robust and rich dishes which are extremely popular across the globe. Punjabi cuisine has variety of food options both for meat lover as well for the vegetarians. The authentic tandoori food shows the exotic flavour of Punjab. Besides all the delicious food, one will never consume the Punjabi food without the glass of lassi or chaach. All the Punjabi food are perfectly balanced with different flavours so that no particular flavours becomes overwhelming for consumers.

Here are some of the famous Punjabi food items that one must try –

. Aloo Paratha – Punjabi Staple Food

Aloo Paratha is one of the most popular breakfast recipe of northern India. The Paratha are stuffed with a spicy potato mixture which are often cooked with butter or ghee. Its name is derived from aloo, denoting a potato, parat, denoting layers, and atta, denoting flour. The flatbread is made from wholemeal flour, salt and ghee, forming flaky, soft and crispy layers that are golden-brown in color. The filling of Aloo Paratha may consists of mashed potatoes, ginger, green chilies, coriander, dried pomegranate seeds, chili powder and salt. This dish is often topped with Indian homemade butter called makhan and it is traditionally served with pickles or yogurt on the side. Due to its immense popularity, it spread from Punjab to various parts of the Indian subcontinent, and also to Malaysia, Mauritius and Singapore.

. Sarson Da Saag and Makki Ki Roti – Stereotyped Dish of Punjab

This is the traditional dish of the Punjabi festival – Lohri. Every north Indian foodie worth their salt and spice would associate this dish with Punjabi cuisines. The combination of Sarson Da Saag and Makki Ki Roti is a popular delicacy of Punjab. This is one of the special dish of all the restaurants of Punjab during the winter season. This dish contains rustic flavours with the combination of palak, sarson saag and roti. This dish is much healthier and tastier. The sarson da saag is topped with homemade butter and is served with Makki Ki Roti (flat bread made of maize flour). Apart from this sarson da saag is served with an accompaniment of sliced or chopped onions and some green chilies.

. Dal Makhani – The Queen

Dal Makhani is one of extremely popular lentil recipe in India available in any sophisticated five-star restaurants as well as in local highway dhaba. Dal Makhani consists of red kidney beans and whole black lentils, which also known by the name urad ki dal. The dish is prepared with hefty amounts of ghee and with various seasonings such as ginger garlic paste and chili and it is slowly cooked in a rich, tomato-based sauce. Dal Makhani being the queen of all the dals, it is occasionally topped with cream or yogurt and is accompanied by naan, roti or with rice. This is one of the favourite recipe of the Punjabi culture.

. Chole Bhature – Punjabi Food Fiesta

Chole Bhature is a popular breakfast recipe of the Punjabi culture and these two accompany each other like a dream when you feel like indulging a little. Bhature are made with flour and milk rather than wheat flour, so it’s different from a poori. This dish has become a favourite dish of many people across the country as it is a true Punjabi vegetarian delight. When you are craving for some spicy food, Chole Bhature is the best option to go on.

. Lassi

Lassi is the pride of the Punjabi culture. Lassi can be salty, but the original lassi as it became famous, is sweet in taste with a dollop of cream and butter to make it as rich as you can. Almost all the restaurants serve this with a twist – flavours like mango or strawberry are added to this drink these days and served to beat the summer heat.

. Paneer Tikka Bites – Chicken of Vegetarians

Paneer Tikka Bites are also called as “chicken of the vegetarians”. Paneer Tikka has a special place in the food of Punjab. The soft cottage cheese is the best vegetarian appetizer coated with different spiced masalas and chargrilled on skewers. This is a one of the best healthy option of vegetarian people due to proteins and lower quantity of carbohydrate. And frankly speaking, any menu would be incomplete without it.

. Punjabi Pakora Kadhi – Food of Punjab, light and flavourful

As the name suggests, this thick and creamy variety of Indian Punjabi Kadhi is traditionally associated with Punjab. The Punjabi Kadhi is different from its Gujarati variant in a number of ways. Punjabi Kadhi is spicy and tangy along with having besan pakoras in it while the Gujarati variant of Kadhi is sweeter and of a lighter consistency and white in colour. The base of this dish is prepared with a combination of yogurt and gram flour, which is also known as besan, and is typically flavoured with a fragrant spice mixture that incorporates a variety of seasonings such as chili peppers, ginger, garlic, fenugreek, cumin and mustard seeds. The pakoras that are put inside this Kadhi are generally made of besan and onions. This fragrant Punjabi dish is typically accompanied by rice or with roti bread.

. Butter Chicken – Crowing Jewel of Punjab

Butter Chicken is one of the most popular dishes for hard-core-meat-lovers and also crowning jewel of the food of Punjab. Chicken pieces are mixed in an authenticated flavoured of creamy tomato-based gravy and marinated with spices. This creamy, gravy dish is lightly spiced and paired up with either a naan or with rumaali roti. No celebration can be complete without this delicacy dish.

. Amritsari Fish – Non-veggie Delight

Amritsari Fish is the perfect dish among non-vegetarians of India. Succulent fish pieces are marinated in spicy batter and deep fried until they become golden. This spicy dish is usually sprinkled with lemon juice and offered with naan and with cold lassi. It is served over the country with the same name which is only a testament to its popularity.

. Rajma Chawal – Punjabi Staple Food on tables across India

The combination of Rajma (kidney beans) with Chawal (rice) is a nostalgic connotation and can be found in every Punjabi home. Rajma is protein rich curry often cooked with delicious spices. This dish can be served with parathas or rice and with pickled onion slices in order to enhance the taste. To give this dish a slight twist, some people also add a little bit of crushed papad to their Rajma Chawal to give it a nice crunch.

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