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Top 10 Best Small Business Ideas To Start In India For 2020

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Owning a business gives you the independence and freedom to be your own boss in establishing an empire from a scratch. The government has been emphasizing very much in powering the business and encouraging the individuals to start their own business through their luring Start Up India Scheme. To start any business you will always in the hunt for the funding that has been the bane of an entrepreneur’s existence from times of yore. As your idea will bring you your company, your company will bring you to the peoples and the peoples will bring you in the market. So, here are the some of the best small business ideas in India that can be implemented to commence on to start your entrepreneurial journey -

. Travel Agency

A travel agency is a public service agency that can provide travel and tourism related services as a travel suppliers to the general public. The travel agencies can provide you the outdoor recreation activities, airlines, car rentals, tour packages, bureau de change services and so on. The main function of the travel agency is to act as an agent, selling travel products and services on behalf of a supplier. Since the travel industry in India has witnessed a boom in the past decade.

. Solar Power Office And Home

As we all know that electricity is a basic requirement of an individual. Electricity is required to run residential, commercial as well as industrial applications. So solar energy is one of the most powerful source that is used for the generation of electricity. In this business, you need to sell solar power plants and solar project solutions and need to install a solar grid at home or office premises in order to generate energy from the grid. Apart from this you also need a solar panel grid, solar inverter, battery, wires and competent manpower for installation and maintenance of the system. In order to execute this business, you need to find 10 people who are interested in this service and who will pay you before the work is done.

. Warehouse/Inventory Management For E-Commerce

The Warehouse Management Company for E-Commerce would provide fulfilment for the e-commerce stores. As most of the online E-Commerce companies are running out of warehouse and inventory management across various cities. In order to start this business you require a lot of manpower and space for the warehouse. At the initial stage, you can start this business from a small city and later on you can expand your business. This is a larger scale business idea and also has a huge potential to make a lot of money if run properly.

. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is online strategic marketing approach. Content Marketing is focused on creating and distributing valuable, consistent and more relevant content to attract more customers and to drive profitable customer to your content marketing business. This is one of the very good way of earning online. Every big giants such as Infosys, TCS to middle level media companies to websites to bloggers everyone needs content marketers. If you have a team which have good create/edit videos, record podcasts, write articles skills then it is sure that you can earn a huge amount of money from this content marketing business. The investment in this business is minimal and earning is significant.

. Blogging

Blogging is another online business idea in India. If you have a good skills, experience or success which you want to share with the other people then Blogging is the way. There are many online platforms that can help you in creating your blog. Here is the few list of online platforms where you can create your blog –

. Facebook Platform - For those people who are good writer and video maker.

. You Tube Platform - For those peoples who are good writer.

. Instagram Platform - For those people who are good in photography.

. Pinterest Platform - For those people who can edit and create pictures or slides or presentations online.

You can earn a good amount of money per month from Blogging. Major investment to start this business is just a laptop/desktop and internet connection.

. Coaching Classes

In the past era, teaching was considered scared and was not charged but now days, education is one of the most profitable business. As for any preparation of exam one needs a little guidance. As coaching is necessary for unlocking a person’s potential in order to maximise his/her performance. In coaching classes business investment is minimal. You can start this business either offline or online. Online coaching will cost you nothing and the entire fees will be the profit of the revenue. There are many companies such as Simply Learn, Vedantu etc which gives you the platform to teach students online. The best part of this is that you get paid for it.

. Professional Photography

From the past few decade, the buying capacity of an individual has increased manifold. So, this has enabled many peoples to buy costly equipment required in the fields such as professional photography. This is a one-time investment which can help an individual to earn for the rest of his life. This is one of the most profitable business to start by an individual. One of the most profitable niches is marriage photography as in India, marriages are expensive affairs. Hence marriage photography is at a standard level that can get you a lot of money. Now day’s social media has also given new dimension to celebrations and parties as most of people are sharing pictures of their celebration online with the help of different social media platforms. People have started asking for professional photographers for every event or parties whether it is a birthday celebrations, engagement ceremonies, pre weeding photo-shoots and many more. So, this has given a very good opportunities for the professional photographers to earn.

. Translation Services

Basically, Translation Services is service required by various researchers for crossing over the language barrier and saving their valuable time. So, if you have a team who are fluent in various languages then this is the business you can start. This is one of the best business idea for a group of students or a group of housewives. If you can spend some of your valuable time in learning various languages then you can take some of the translation project online and work as a freelancer. The amount that one can earn from this business is quite good and the investment is just in terms of time. Once you are fluent in some language you can start bidding for the projects online.

.Wedding Planner

As you all know that how grand are Indian Weddings. The Indian wedding season gives a huge opportunity for the entrepreneurs to help in taking care of the various operational activities and the other related arrangements. Planners helps the bride and the groom in selecting their dresses to plan the entire event. People who have creative mind and have a liking for colours, celebrations, parties with manageable speaking and management skills can easily start this business. Wedding Planner business has negligible investment when compared to the earnings. You can also start this business online rather than sitting in an office. You just only need a team of 5-10 peoples who have a creative mind and get the assigned work completed on time from them.

. Event Management

From the last few decades, the lifestyle of peoples has changed a lot. As people have become more open, friendly and have started celebrating more. Right from the festival celebrations to new year parties to concerts to casual parties, there is a lot of work which an Event Manager can do. People who are party buffs, like to be among the crowd and who have a few management skills can start this business very easily. You just need a few contacts of peoples. Event Management companies acts as a bridge between celebrities and organizers of the events. This is a never ending business and has a huge scope in the future decade with a lot of profit.

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