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What is a JSON file?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

JSON means JavaScript Object Notation which is a way to store information in an well-planned, organized, easy-to-access manner. JSON file is used in storing simple data structure and objects which are used to access a file in a logical manner. Actually JSON file are originally a subset of JavaScript but is considered a language independent format which is being supported by many different programming APIs. Some applications which enable users to save it in “.JSONs” file are :

For example: – Google+ uses JSON file for saving profile data of the customers. You can choose the “data liberation” page when you logged in and select “download for your profile data”. In Ajax web application programming “JSON” is commonly used in increasing as an alternative to XML now days. Why use JSON? JSON file can be easily send to and from a server because JSON format is text only and can used a data format by any programming language. To convert it into a string JavaScript has a built in function written in JSON format, into native JavaScript object i.e. JSONs.parse(). Why JSON preferred over XML? JSON and XML are totally two different data formats which we used commonly in the Web for Data interchange purpose. JSON was first specialized by Douglas Cockford in 2002 and XML was specified by W3C in the 90's. One of the reason why JSON is prefered over XML as JSON file has more readable format compared to the latter form. XML use a lot of opening and closing tags while JSON simply uses [] for arrays, {} for objects and this makes it much more lightweight. This is used for fast processing and transmission and even the desterilizing and serializing. How to open JSON file:- . If you use Mozilla Firefox browser the file is automatically saved as a backup files in your bookmarks in the JSON format. You can locate file in your browser which is labeled as Bookmark as JSON files in your Firefox folder.

. If you use Windows, you can open your JSON files with the help of Notepad or any other type of text editor to view your contents. Simply right click on the file which you want to open and then choose Open With from the drop-down menu. Click on Notepad on the sub menu or click Browse if Notepad is not listed to open and view JSON files. You may also use Word Pad or Altova XMLSpy to open these files. . If you are using Mac OS you can open JSON files with the help of Apple Text Editor or other compatible text editor which will allow you to view your content. You can also use Bare Bones Text Wrangler Editor which is a combination of text and HTML Editor designed for Mac PCs or Mac Vim designed by Mac OS. . If you are using Linux you can open and view JSON files with the help of Vim, which is a highly configurable text editor, or you can use another editor such as Pico or GNU Emacs.

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