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Red Flag Faced By An Individual While Searching For A Job

Job Hunting takes a lot of time, energy and efforts of an individual. The red flag appears when the salary offered for the job is not according to your capability. As the salary offer is lower than your worth and there is no benefits package to make up for it. So it be worth taking up that job at such a small salary without any solid benefits. As you deserve the best according to your calibre and hard work. So if you’re going through the interview process doubting the company, here are some tell-tale signs that will help you to find whether that job suits your calibre or not:

. Valid Questions Get Vague Answers

It is never appropriate for the interviewer to reveal about the personal information of the pervious employee. But the hiring manager have authority to address any queries you have about the expectations for the position and provide some history about your role and influence on the company operations. The hiring manager can ask you some direct basic questions such as: What is the first challenge the person hired for this job will have to deal with? What will the pros and cons regarding the job? and so on.

. The Interviewer Can’t Provide A Clear Picture Of The Job

While applying for any job it does not matter whether you’re applying for entry level staff accountant or the chief financial officer. The interviewer should be able to explain you about the role and responsibilities of that job and how success will be measured. If he is unable to explain your roles and responsibilities then you will likely to have a difficult time forging a clear career path in that company.

. Descriptions Of Work Environment Are Neutral

Ask the hiring manager about what he/she like most about working at the company. If he is unable to answer your question then this could be signal job dissatisfaction on his part. If the opportunity arises during the visit, pose the same questions to the other employees of the company, from accounting manager personnel to the data entry personnel. Do they seem to get enthused about their daily responsibilities? Do they get any appreciation about their efforts? You can also pay attention to the office environment.

. Employee Tenure Is Short

A pattern of employee turnover can be a symptom of a high stress, low morale office culture if you came to know that the previous employee didn’t stay long at the company. Future more there is no evidence of tenure among the staff, then you may have to face a toxic work environment or a bad boss situation.

. The Hiring Manager Isn’t Prepared

As you have devoted a lot of time in preparing for the interview, made sure to show up promptly, studied well about the available position and arrived with questions that whether you fit for that position that you have applied in the company.

. The Work Environment Isn’t Appealing To You

While walking in the door for your job interview, pay attention to the environment of the company. Are the workers actively engaged in their duties, or are they slumped over their cubicles like drones? Does the boss of the company deal with his peers and subordinates in a professional manner, or does he seem aloof and dismissive? If you see all these issues during your interview, then there will be no reason to believe they will improve once you start working in the office.

. You Don’t Feel Like You’re Being Heard

If the hiring manger does all the talking in the interview and does not appear to listen to your comments or ask thoughtful questions about your career goals and past accomplishments, then that is a red flag. That behaviour can tell whether a hiring manger is really interested and engaged by observing his body language, eye contact and overall etiquette during the interview.

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