• Aditya Sharma

Positive Effects Of Quarantine To The Environment

Quarantine measures put in place to slow down the spread of the Covid-19 infection have evoked a joyous response from the more extreme elements of the Green Movement as they see human influences on the natural environment has diminished. Due to pandemic of Covid-19 infection billion of people are off the streets across the globe and slashed international travels. As billions of humans staying at home to avoid the spread of Corona Virus infection, the air quality has improved and also water of various rivers and seas become clearer and animals are growing bold.

It appears that the Covid-19 pandemic has given the planet a gift for Earth Day 2020. The Corona Virus lockdown has reduced the traffic in the various beaches of India, making it easier for biologists to spot the various city’s marine life gliding peacefully through the clear water. Shutdown have reduced the impact of the amount of carbon and nitrogen level in the atmosphere and make the air more clear. Most recently, locals in the Indian region of Jalandhar in Punjab has seen The Himalayas for more than 120 miles away, for the first time in decades following a drop in air pollution. The various animals like deer and goat have more freedom to roam, and the life everywhere seems to be breathing more easily.

It seems like the Quarantine is the wake of pandemic Corona Virus is healing the ecosystem. The water quality of various rivers has improved a lot as we see a crystal clear water of various rivers. After Ganga River, the water quality of Yamuna River has also improved considerably. Due to the stoppage of industrial pollutants and industrial waste had a positive effect on the water quality in the Yamuna River. Smog level have cleared all over the country.

The satellite picture shows a drop in the polluting gases like nitrogen dioxide over the last few weeks. This harmful gas is mostly generated from various power plants, from car engines and from other industrial processes. It is believed that air pollution causes many health problems, especially respiratory illness problem like asthma. According to the report of World Health Organization (WHO), every year 3 million peoples dies because of air pollution. So in many aspects, lockdown plays a very positive impact on the environment of India.

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