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Photography- Different Types Of Photography Genres

Photography is the art of capturing light with the help of a camera, usually via a digital image sensor or a film to create an image. With the right camera equipment, you can even photograph wavelengths of light or other electromagnetic radiations which are invisible to the human eye, such as UV rays, infrared rays and radio rays. It is very important to do right camera setting. The three most important setting of the camera is the called shutter speed, aperture and ISO. As all three of them control the brightness of your photo, although they do so in different ways -

. Shutter Speed - Shutter speed is the amount of time your camera sensor is exposed to the world while taking a picture.

. Aperture - Aperture represents a “pupil” in your lens that can open and close to let in different amounts of light.

. ISO - ISO is technically a bit more complex, but is similar to the sensitivity of the photographic film for taking pictures in different lighting conditions.

The different types of photography genres are –

. High Speed Photography

High Speed Photography is the ability to manipulate the exposure of a photograph so that all the movement are in the frozen state and things can only be seen with the help of eye alone. There are two basic ways to high speed photography -

. Shorten the shutter speed

. Use of the flash in such a way that the time the subject is illuminated is extremely minimal.

. Tilt Shift Photography

Tilt Shift Photography is the ability to tilt or raise the lens at the certain point where the image can be focused easily in relation to the back of the camera. When you tilt the lens at some position, you are pointing it at a slightly different angle from the normal straight approach. But when you shift the lens, you are moving it upwards or downwards to achieve the desired effect. To do tilt shift photography, you need a special tilt shift lens. This lens can attach to your digital SLR and allows you to change the shift or view angle of the lens upward and downward to achieve the desired effect.

. Black And White Photography

Monochrome Photography or black and white photography is the photography where each position on the image can be recorded which show a different amount of light, but not a different hue. It may include all forms of black and white photography, which can produce images which contain tones of neutral grey ranging from black to white.

. Motion Blur Photography

Motion Blur Photography is an apparent streaking of the moving objects in a photograph or in the sequence of frames, such as a film or animation to produce an image. This results when the image being recorded changes during the recording of a single exposure, due to rapid movement or due to long exposure.

. Night Photography

Night photography is the ability of capture the photograph during night time between the dusk and dawn time. In this night photographers have a choice to use between the artificial lighting or long exposure. In this the photography shot is exposed just for the seconds, minutes or even for the hours in order to give photo sensitive film or an image sensor enough time to capture a desirable photograph. With the progress of the high speed films, higher-sensitivity digital sensors, wide aperture lenses and the ever greater power of urban lights, the demand of the night photography is increasing.

. Panoramic Photography

A panorama or panoramic photography is usually made by stitching several pictures taken with the same camera into a single photograph. With the help of a digital camera we can stitch different photos together to simulate the expensive effects of a landscape filter.

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