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Natural Ways That Boost Your Immunity During Lockdown

As the world is going through major crisis due the Corona Virus outbreak, due to which most of the countries have gone into a state of lockdown as a means of prevention against this deadly virus. Besides working towards strengthening our healthcare system at this time, another thing we need to do is to boost our immunity system in order to fight against this disease as we all know that prevention is better than a cure. However it is not so easy for our body to cope up with the inactive lifestyle. Especially, at this stage of time when a strong metabolism and immunity is needed to sustain this harsh virus attack. So here are some ways by which we can boost our immunity in a natural way to ensure that our body has everything to combat the external harshness :

. Carbohydrates

As we all know that consuming too much sugar is bad for our health. When we consume too much sugar, a process called glycation occurs, in which the sugar sticks to proteins which impairs the function of the immune system. So sugar not only reduce the immunity through glycation, but also increase the inflammation as sugar are the most inflammatory food group. So avoid juices, candies, excessive white bread and mindless eating of processed chips and biscuits that cause sugar spikes. So we have to stick with complex carbohydrates like whole fruits and vegetables and whole grains and vegetables which are good and complex source of carbohydrates intake.

. Protein

Protein is an essential component in order to build the immunity of the body. Especially in the case, to fight against virus one needs antibodies, so if you don’t have enough antibodies you can’t fight the virus. And antibodies are proteins that come in the form of eggs, almonds, oats, milk, greek yogurt, pumpkin seeds, green peas, mushrooms, peanuts and many more. Egg are the great source of usable protein because of the branch amino acids present in them.

. Vitamin D

Vitamin D are the most efficient nutrients in dealing with the existing viruses in the environment. Vitamin is actually a hormone and it’s also an immune modulator. Vitamin D helps in fending off the infections and it also help in shielding the infection. As we are living indoor due to lockdown from quite number of days, try to get as much sunlight as possible by sitting near the window as sunlight are one of the best source of Vitamin D which will increase the immunity of our body. Deficiency of Vitamin D will also lead to the state of depression. The food is also one of the best source of Vitamin D. The food that have include Vitamin D are salmon, fish, cheddar and mushrooms which help in boosting the metabolism as well as the immunity of our body.

. Fibre Rich Foods

The fibrous foods are the essential nutrients to strengthen the immunity of the body. The fibrous food are packed with Vitamins and Minerals that replenish the body with adequate supplements. These also have the benefits of fighting against various type of infections and viruses that can attack and weaken the immunity levels of the body. The fibre rich foods like yogurt, spinach, almonds, green tea, sunflower seeds and citrus foods are major sources of fibres that help us in increasing the immunity of our body.

. Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Anti-Inflammatory Foods are actually the fundamental source of reinforcing resistance levels in the body. Foods such as turmeric, tomatoes, olive oil, ginger, fish oil, walnuts and the food rich in Omega 3 help us in increasing the immunity of our body and prevents our body from various ailments.

a) Turmeric- Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is very helpful in increasing the immunity of our body and our brain.

b) Garlic- Garlic is a great immune boosting ingredient because it has heavy concentration of sulphur containing compound in it. Garlic is also very helpful in lowering blood pressure and slowing down the hardening of arteries.

c) Citrus Fruits- Citrus Fruits are one of the best source of Vitamin C. As Vitamin C help in increasing the white blood cells in our body which are key source to fight against any kind of infection.

d) Spinach- Spinach are rich source of Vitamin C, antioxidants and beta carotene which help us in infection fighting activities of our immune system.

. Sleep

Adequate amount of sleep improves the immune cells known as ‘T cells’ that fight against pathogens. For example virus infected cells such as flu and kills those cells. If you have a good sleep stress hormone, cortisol level also get low which will strengthen the immune system of an individual.

. Exercise

Exercise not only releases the endorphins hormone in our body but also strengthen the immunity level of our body. Numerous studies reveal that acute exercise improves defence activity and metabolic health of an individual. Regular exercise also reduce the stress level of an individual. There are numerous online fitness classes program by the help of which you can do your work out at home so don’t let the gym closures stop you.

So these are the natural ways which help an individual to boost his/her immunity during the Lockdown Period.

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