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Natural Ingredients for Glowing Your Skin During Quarantine Period

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

We are made up of both Matter and Spirit i.e. our skin outer layer is full of life and activity and need to be kept Healthy and Nourished. As it is said by the most reckoned philosopher that beauty lies in the heart of every person and it reflects naturally as radiance on a person’s face. In the modern days there are many different beauty treatment which only address the physical need but do not reveal the secret of how you can make each cell of your skin glowing from within and pulsate with radiance and energy.

As in the recent time all the people are staying at home and practicing Social Distancing in the midst of the Epidemic Corona Virus disease. After spending most of day inside your house and social distancing, you as such huge numbers of others, may be asking why your skin isn't gleaming like it generally does. So in order to rejuvenate and glow your face and hands, we will discuss with you some natural ingredients for skin that will glow your skin during the Quarantine Period.

Quarantine Beauty Tips Which Help You in Making Your Skin Glow -

Staying at home should not become a reason for your skin to lose its glow and charm during this lockdown period as you don’t have right beauty products and face masks to pamper your skin, so here me discussing some home-made remedies by which you can make your skin glowing -

. Honey and Cream (Malai)

Pour some Cream and Honey in a small bowl and stir it continuously until the mixture become smooth and consistent. Apply this mixture over your face as a mask to prevent your skin from becoming dry and rough.

. Honey and Banana

Make a homogenous mixture of Honey and Banana by whipping them together. This mixture can be used as a face mask to lock moisture of your skin and help you in preventing your skin to dry out.

. Neem and Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti)

Make a thick paste of Neem Leaves and Fuller’s Earth by grinding them together. This paste can be used as a facemask, which help in healing acne. A pinch of medical grade camphor can also be added in this mixture which help in absorbing excess of oil from your skin and thus help in healing acne from your skin.

. Orange Peel Powder, Masoor Dal Powder and Rose Water

This homemade remedy can be made by grinding Masoor Dal and Orange Peel separately to obtain their powdered forms. Now add rose water to this powder form. Blend this powder until the mixture become viscous and even. Now this mixture can be applied as a face mask to remove excessive oil from your skin.

. Orange Peel Powder, Masoor Dal Powder and Cream

Whip Orange Peel Powder, Masoor Dal Powder and Cream together until this mixture turn into a semi-solid paste. Now this paste can be applied as a face mask to moisturise the dry skin.

. Tea Free Oil

This oil can be used to clean your skin as this cleanser help in opening the Obstructed Pores, clear Microscopic Organisms from your skin’s surface and also help in expelling dead cells without making your skin hurt.

. Coconut Oil

To make your Skin Glowing and to remove Quarantine Boredom, this is truly effortlessly and outstanding natural moisturizer Nontoxic Skin Care Product which has exceptional capacity to penetrate your skin (both scalp and body) because of its less molecular size, as this replenishes the dampness in the upper layer of your skin because of the presence of Lauric Acid in it.

. Aloe Vera

Scratch out the gel from the Aloe Vera and mesh it. After that rub this gel on your skin. Let this gel to stay on your face for 10 minutes and after that wash your skin with cold water. As Aloe Vera can be used for Rejuvenator for Undernourished Skin which help in Rejuvenate your skin naturally.

All these homemade remedies are 100 percent natural and thus safe for your skin. Also, all these face masks take extensive care of your skin during this lockdown situation.

. Tips To Treat Stress Acne and Breakouts During Self Isolation

As you are going makeup free during this Quarantine which would help your skin detox. There are three major factors that can make your skin bumpier or patchier than expected during this quarantine period.


Increased level of cortisol, the stress hormone is largely to blame as Cortisol tend to produce more oil from your Sebaceous Glands. More oil means our body pores become more swollen which tends in creating more Acne. Regular medication, yoga, exercise or even just listening to music help us in reducing stress level.


Eating junk food during this lockdown can increase Dehydration, cause Inflammation (Puffiness) and can cause redness due to Dilated Blood Vessels under your skin. So in order to make your skin glowing a healthy eating regimen has to be followed during this Self-Isolation period.

Lack of Vitamin D

Lastly, being inside home during this Quarantine time can reduce your body’s inability to Repair and Rebuild our skin, due to lack of sunlight and Vitamin D. Try to exercise outdoors or spend time in the flowerbeds for atleast 30 minutes a day which help in Repairing or Rebuilding our skin and hence made our skin keep glowing.

You can also use a sheet mask to hydrate your skin or obstacle a clay cover to detoxify your skin while staying indoor or in the kitchen for preparing up the food during this Self-Isolation period. These all are some of the Self Remedies which an individual can take to keep our Skin Glowing and Nourished.

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