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Millets – It’s Types and Benefits

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Millets are small-grained, annual warm-weather cereals associated with the grass family which have been traditionally grown and eaten in the Indian subcontinent for the last 5000 years. Millets have high nutritional value and are also rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibres. These are the traditional staple food of the dry land regions of the world and contribute to 10 percent of India’s food grain basket.

Basically millets are divided into two main categories –

. Naked Grains

Naked grains refer to the three most popular millet types - Ragi, Jowar and Bajra. These grains are devoid of the hard, indigestible husk. These millets do not require processing after harvesting. These millets can be simply used after being cleaned. These are the major millet types which are largely cultivated and quite popular among peoples because of the ease of use.

. Husked Grains

Foxtail Millets, Little Millets and Kodo Millets belong to this type of food grains. These millet types consist of an indigestible seed coat that need to be removed before they are fit for human consumption. These millets contain a host of micronutrients such as iron, calcium and phosphorus. These millets are not only good for us but for the environment too, as they are largely rain-fed crops and do not put pressure on our already diminishing water resources. In addition to this these grain crops do not attract pests and so they can grow perfectly well without the use of pesticides.

Types of Millets

As we all know that millets are the teeny-tiny spherical grains. The best part of these grains is that these are gluten-free. So these grains can be taken by anyone in order to reap its health benefits. The various types of millets may include –

. Finger Millet

This millet is popularly known as Kelveragu in Tamil/Mandua in Hindi/Ragulu in Telugu/Ragi in Kannada is the type of millet which is rich in Calcium, Phosphorus, Protein and Iron. This millet can be used as a healthier cereal substitute for rice and wheat. These millet variant is gluten-free and is rich in protein and amino acids. This millet is supposed to aid brain development in growing children.

. Little Millet

This millet is popularly known as Samai in Tamil/Kutki in Hindi/Sama in Telugu/Same in Kannada is the type of millet which is rich in Protein, Fiber, Amino Acid, Iron and Minerals. These millet is the best option for those people who want to reduce weight. These millet are rich in fibre and also filled with numerous minerals such as potassium, zinc, iron and calcium and is also packed with the health benefits of vitamin B and also works as an antioxidant for your body once consumed.

. Pearl Millet

This millet is popularly known as Kambu in Tamil/Bajra in Hindi/Gantilu in Telugu/Saiie in Kannada is the type of millet which is rich in Protein, Minerals, Fiber, Iron, Calcium and Unsaturated Fats. This millet can be very beneficial for your health, such as it help you fighting against Type II Diabetes if consumed regularly.

. Foxtail Millet

This millet is popularly known as Thinai in Tamil/Kangni in Hindi/Korra in Telugu/Navane in Kannada is the type of millet which is rich in Protein, Mineral, Fiber, Vitamin B, Phosphorus and Calcium. This millet contains blood-sugar balancing healthy carbohydrates. This millet has iron and calcium content that helps an individual in strengthen his/her immunity. This millet helps to regulate your blood cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol levels in your body.

Benefits of Millets

There are numerous health benefits of consuming these millets regularly. Some of the amazing health benefits along with the types of millets are listed before. So please have look –

. Help To Control Blood Sugar Level

Millets are low in glycaemic index, slow down the digestion process and also keeps the blood sugar level constant. This millet increase insulin sensitivity for people who have diabetes and also help to control blood sugar level. These millet helps to improve body metabolism and also work as an antioxidant.

. Help To Control Coronary Artery Disorder

These millet decreases triglycerides levels in the body and also weakens the blood in order to prevent blood platelet clumping, thereby reducing the risk of stroke and coronary artery disorder.

. Help To Control High Blood Pressure

The magnesium present in millets relaxes the muscles that line inside the arterial wall which helps to reduce blood pressure of an individual. It also reduces the frequency of migraines and severity of asthma and also forms as a great food for women who are suffering from unbearable period pain and cramps during the menstrual cycle. It also strengthen the immune system (body resistance) and improves stamina of an individual.

. Aids for Weight Loss

Tryptophan, an amino acid present in millets lowers the appetite and remains beneficial in controlling weight of an individual. These millet not only helps in digestion but also keeps the stomach full for a more extended period. Further, this millet is rich in fibre and satisfies hunger quickly preventing over-eating. The calorie content of these millets are incredibly low and so they are the best food product for weight loss hopefuls. It also helps them in maintaining their energy level throughout the day without having to keep eating constantly to refuel themselves.

. Rich in Antioxidants

The benefits of millets are no less than fruits and vegetables in their antioxidant activity as the high amount of antioxidants in millets help in fighting free radicals present in an individual which slows down the aging process of an individual.

The various other health benefits of millets include –

. Millet are alkaline, easy to digest food grain and are good in the treatment of jaundice . Millet are gluten-free and non-allergic food grain have high antioxidant level.

. The millet have serotonin in them which helps to calm your moods.

. The use of Foxtail Millet help to cure typhoid and pneumonia in an individual.

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