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Immunity Boosting Herbs Which Help Us To Fight Against Covid-19 Infection

Covid-19 or Corona Virus was declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation. There are certain hygiene standards that one has to follow like washing your hands frequently especially if you have travelling by the public transport, using an alcohol based sanitizer to disinfect your hands, wearing a mask and avoiding touching your hand or mouth in order to fight against Covid-19 Infection.

According to the ancient medical science the plant extracts could do a lot to strengthen our body. According to Ayurveda, our body can withstand infections only when all the seven layers of our body’s tissues (Rasa, Mamsa, Rakta, Medha, Majja, Asthi and Shukra) are strong. When these seven layers are working together, our immunity will be boosted. Apart from all these there are certain herbs that help you to improve his/her immunity during Covid-19 Lockdown

. Drumstick Tree (Moringa, Sahjan)

Moringa is an herb that can ward off many health complications. Moringa is a powerful immunity booster as it contains 7 times more Vitamin C than even orange. Vitamin C is the chief nutrient that make our body immune system more stronger. Moringa also contains some other vital nutrients that strengthen our body cells, muscles, tissues and help our body to recuperate. Moringa has high levels of potassium, iron, calcium and amino acids contents in it which are very helpful in strengthen our immune system.

. Neem

Neem is widely used as an immunity booster. It is very effective in keeping the body safe from attacks by harmful pathogens due to its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Neem also purifies the blood by flushing away toxins from our blood and hence help in strengthen the immunity.

. Basil (Tulsi)

Tulsi is another fascinated herb that is much favoured by Ayurveda. The aromatic leaf of tulsi can be your primary line of defence your body against Covid-19 infection. Due to its phytochemicals and antioxidant nature, it can effectively locate germs, viruses and bacteria the moment they enter your body and destroy them. Simply chew a few leaves of tulsi after you wake up in the morning. You can also add a few drops of water boiled with tulsi leaves into your food in order to boost your immunity.

. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen which means it can decrease the stress level of our body. As stress lowers the immune response and makes the body vulnerable to the viral infections. So in order to reduce the risk of contracting the Covid-19 infection one has to consume ashwagandha during this pandemic.

. Triphala

Triphala has the ant oxidative properties of three fruits - haritaki, bibhitaki and amla. Triphala is loaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin A - which are both helpful in strengthen our immunity system. So, start your day with some content of Triphala.

. Ginger (Adarak)

Ginger has been an age-old remedy for flu and the common cold infection. It is also very much effective against Covid-19 infection. It contains gingerol – an antioxidant agent that can power up our immune system and kill various viruses. Ginger is very good in preventing respiratory tract infections. Add some content of ginger to your meals or you can also have them as raw.

. Garlic (Lahasun)

Just like the ginger, garlic too will also protect you from Corona Virus infection by stimulating your immunity. As garlic contains allicin - a plant compound that acts as a germicide. So, add some content of garlic in your partially cooked food or consume them raw in order to strengthen your immune system.

. Turmeric (Haldi)

Turmeric is very good your health as turmeric contains cur cumin - a phytochemical agent that can remove toxins our body and strengthen our immune system to fight off germs and bacteria. So, add an extra dash of turmeric to your meals or consume it with help of some milk.

. Black Cumin (Kalonji)

Black Cumin extracts can keep our body safe from a range of viruses and bacteria that can attack our immune system. Both black cumin seeds and oil act as antioxidants and help to flush out free radicals from our body that weaken our immunity system. So, in order to improve our immunity consume add some content of black cumin in your food or consume them as raw.

So, these are the different ayurvedic herbs that one have to take in order to improve his/her immunity. So, consume these amazing herbs and remain at home to beat Corona Virus Infection.

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