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How Yoga Helps an Individual to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines done by an individual to keep his/her body mentally fit and strong. Yoga is one of the six Astika schools of Hindu philosophical traditions. Yoga Postures are also known as asanas which help an individual to ease the physical discomfort of an individual caused due to anxiety. Yoga work to stretch, lengthen and balance the muscles of an individual. Yoga combines the three elements i.e. Physical Poses called asanas, controlled breathing practiced, and a short period of deep relaxation or meditation.

Anxiety is something we all experience in our life and comes with some annoying thoughts of stress or worry over future events. If the anxiety is not dealt with properly it may wear down your body, nervous system, and mind making ideal working troublesome.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

. Intense panicky, scared, unease or worry

. Hot and cold flushes

. Breathlessness, uneven breathing, or trouble breathing

. Frequent Palpitations

. Tightening of the chest

. Panic attacks

. Excessive sweating

. Intestinal problems

. Nausea

. Dizziness and restlessness

. Disturbed Sleep/Insomnia

. Uncontrollable or obsessive thoughts

Factors That Contribute Yoga to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The factors that contribute yoga to reduce stress and anxiety are –

. Yoga Lowers Tension and Promotes Relaxation

Our body tends to constrict when we feel high stress and anxiety. We start to feel the tension in our shoulders, necks, jaws, or elsewhere. This excessive muscular tension then feeds back to our minds and perpetuates the feeling of unease. Yoga helps to lower the physical tension or muscular tension of the body which helps to release the grip that anxiety can have on us. Regular practice of yoga can assist you to stay calm and anxiety relief from the negative thoughts, and can also give you the strength to face events without getting restless.

. Yoga Helps Us to Regulate the Breath

As we all know that breath is intimately connected to our nervous system. When we feel very much anxious we tend to take rapid, shallow breaths or we might even unconsciously hold our breath and then take big gulping breaths which may increase the anxiety. Any type of yoga or pranayama breathing method will be very helpful in dealing with such a condition. Here are some of the simple practices of yoga that helps us to reduce stress and anxiety in our life –

. Simple Breath Awareness

. Abdominal Breath

. Left Nostril Breath

. Yoga Increases Bodily Awareness

Apart from the relaxing effect that comes directly from various yoga sessions, we can also learn greater awareness of our bodies that can further lower physical tension and stress away from the mat. As we often carry unnecessary tension in our body and through the practice of yoga we can remove the stress and tension from our body.

. Yoga Interrupts Worry Cycles

All of us are experience some kind of chronic worry that can exhaust our minds. When we step on the yoga mat, we have the opportunity to come out of this thinking state of mind. So, yoga helps an individual to the practice of letting go of all the worries and coming back to our bodies and breathe over and over. Through yoga practice, we can learn to let go of our worries at other times too.

. Yoga Demonstrates Self Compassion

When we are very much stressed and busy, we often stop doing things that are good for our health such as exercising, getting enough sleep, and eating well. So, yoga helps us to come out of stress and anxiety and make our body strong and healthy.

. Yoga Trains Us to Accept Discomfort

We often move reflexively away from any type of discomfort. For example, avoiding activities that cause us anxiety will bleed our life out of this discomfort life. Yoga helps us to come out of discomfort and make our body mentally fit and strong to face the challenges of life.

. Practise Mediation

An anxious mind is usually overactive and effortlessly agitated which may develop stress. Meditation helps to slow down the mind which has a quieting impact on the whole brain-body complex of an individual. Regular practice of meditation will assist you to become familiar with your brain's specific examples and triggers and allow you to reduce the effect of thoughts on you.

So yoga is one of the best practices one must have to do to decrease anxiety and stress.

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