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How to order medicine online during Quarantine period ?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Self Quarantine is a fundamental imperative to manage the danger of Corona Virus for you and for the peoples around you. Basically Quarantine is the separation and restriction of public movements or activities in order to save peoples from this epidemic Covid-19 disease. There are some crucial items like medication that you may require during this quarantine time due to which you need to step out of the house. During this epidemic situation Home Medicines Services are provided to the peoples in home isolation and for vulnerable patient groups who wish to limit their potential exposure to Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) in the community. This service is available for home delivery of medicines from any pharmacy/chemists who are approved to dispense and supply PBS and RPBS medicines. How do I order my medicines from home during Quarantine? There are different methods by which you can order medicine from your pharmacist such as telephone ordering or by online option that work legitimately and offer accommodation, protection, and safeguards for buying medication and your pharmacist deliver you the medicine without any delivery charges to your home. You can also order your medicine online during self-isolation time from various online medicine apps such as- 1) Mercury Drug- Store Link: www.mercurydrug.com 2) Netmeds- Store Link: www.netmeds.com 3) Practo- Store Link: www.practo.com 4) Pharmeasy- Store Link: www.pharmeasy.in 5) 1mg- Store Link: www.1mg.com 6) Med Express- Store Link: www.medexpress.com 7) Rose Pharmacy- Store Link: www.rosepharmacy.com

So in nutshell these Online Medicine ordering apps have come as a boon to India during this epidemic situation. The online medicine business is experiencing a good profitable margin even after offering discounts to the customers. So a lot of peoples are preferring these online apps in this epidemic situation and get it delivered quickly to their doorstep. So these online medicine ordering apps are term out to be the secret of success for ordering online medicines in this epidemic situation.

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