• Aditya Sharma

How to know if you are making good Small Business Investment or not

For starting any new business you need to have a huge leap of faith in your business idea as you are jumping off of a mountain and hoping your parachute will open and lead you and your business to success in this competitive world. So it is very important to decide what to do and what is really a good idea while starting a business.

Here are some of the ideas which will help you to know whether you are making good small business investment or not –

. Documenting your key assumptions about your business plan

While considering any of the new business idea, it is very important for you to skip the formal business plan and start with a skinny plan or a simple elevator pitch to jot down the basic components of your ideas for the business. You need to have these keys points in your mind while documenting your key ideas –

. Why are you doing this?

. What is your mission behind this?

. What problem you are solving?

. How to make money out of this business idea?

. Talk to your potential customers

Talking to your potential customers about your business idea is one another important step in order to grow your business. As when you talk to your potential customers you are can validate your key assumptions that you have documented in your business pitch which help you to know about the points of views of your customers.

. To show your prospective customers a prototype of your product

It is very important to share a prototype or some images or some services of your products to your prospective customers while building any product in order to get a quality feedback from them about that product.

. To figure out what the people are willing to pay

As in the present era, everyone wants everything for free. So in order to know this you can employ a simple trick rather than just asking them outright. In order to figure out this you have to look at the pricing of different articles of your competitors and then decide how you can differentiate your product price from the market price of the product.

. To find people who think your idea sucks

It is very important to get a proper feedback from the customers. As not everyone is going to be your customer, so it is better to head into a new business endeavour with open eyes. As a proper feedback help you to know about the pit falls of your business and help you to figure out how you will address these issues and what are your answers will be as you build your business.

. To find out how much money you need to launch your business

Vetting and refining your business idea before starting any new business will greatly enhance your chances of success and ensure you that whether you have a solid idea or not. This will also help you in figure out whether this business can be financially viable and help you to know about the financial projections to figure out how much money you need to start your business. These three financial projections such as a sales forecast, an expense budget and a cash flow forecast can help you to figure out what you need to take to start your business and keep doors open as you get your first customers.

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