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How to Get Rid Of an Ant Infestation?

Basically ants are social insects, so when one ant enters in your home, other follow. Sunny climates particularly get them active, making them a pure nuisance for your home. It is very important to shield your business or your building or home from ant infestation with a competent protection system that controls this problem as well as other treatment of the existing population. Pesticide spray can eliminate ants just for a small time and you will never make real progress to eliminating the infestation. As we all knows that pests cause many infections and diseases.

Types of Ants

. Argentine Ant

. Ghost Ant

. Black House Ant

. Odorous House Ant

. Bull Ant

. Pavement Ant

. Coastal Brown Ant

. Fire Ant . Garden Ant and many more.

How to get rid of Ants?

Keeping these insects out of your home requires a strategy that targets all the areas of your house:

. As ants have extraordinary sense of smell, which they put to good use when they’re foraging to search for food. As food is the biggest source of Ant Infestation. So clear up any liquid spills or food immediately and keep ensure that all the crumbs and drops of liquid food are cleaned out completely without any trace.

. Sweeping is an another hygienic habit that will not only clean your home or building but also helps you to ensure that there aren’t any crumbs or hidden food in the cracks or near food appliances or counters.

. Store all your food items in air-tight containers to block off access to food sources and make sure that the containers in the refrigerator or food cabinets to avoid clutter that could then conceal any spillages.

. Reduce moisture from your home. As food isn’t the only thing that attracts ants to our homes. Ants also need water for their survival. Moisture collects in areas like stagnant water that leaks and the rotting window ledges. Eliminate those trouble spots by using a portable dehumidifier to reduce humidity.

. Trim the greenery of your garden and avoid the compost from piling up. Clean out all the rubbish bin so that no waste collects at their bottoms and also cover and sealed all your rubbish bin so that ants cannot make their way in.

. Clear up all your pet’s leftover and rinse the bowl thoroughly. Avoid letting it sit there for a long time because even the pet food can be a good food source for these ants.

Techniques to Control Ant Infestation

. Inspection

Inspection is one of the crucial step to the success of professional treatment. As the inspection carried out by a layman and that of carried out by a professional is the technology, tools and knowledge employed in the process. As a professional is trained to how to identify zone where the ants are most active or hidden. This includes several areas where a home-owners may never think of it. Certified Experts also investigate to identify the species they are dealing with and about the reason of their presence.

. Chemical Treatments

Chemical Treatments are used for controlling and removal of spread of ants. These treatments can be in the form of powder or liquid form and are placed around the inspection areas to create a protective barrier for the house or building in order to control the spread of ants.

. Ant Baiting

This system may include the use of a tool in which bait is added to attract the ants. Once the area of their presence is identified the poison is then introduced which they then carry back to the colony, assuming they are taking back the food. The success rate of baiting depend on the knowledge and professional service of the expertise and if this is administered well can yield very fruitful result in controlling the spread of ants.

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