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How PPC Impact Your Google Ads Change to the Search Term Visibility?

Google started limiting the number of the unique search terms that will show the Search Terms Report and will show only the ones that have been searched by the significant numbers of users. The search term report within the Google Ads never contain all the searches that your ads have served on or even on every search that may lead to the click.

How will PPC impact the advertisers?

Search term data usually used for the keyword mining and to find the new negative keyword exclusions to prevent serving ads against the irrelevant or low-value searches. Reducing the number of the searches in the report by this amount will undoubtedly have a negative effect on these types of analyses.

It could have a pretty drastic impact on the long-term optimizations and thus performance the account. For example – Niche B2B advertisers who generate a limited number of valuable leads. They will need the search term insights to optimize the keyword set, that exclude poorly performing search phrases and to improve ad copy and landing pages based on the actual search terms data.

Any advertiser using the third party SEM management tool can automates the keyword exclusions that will likely to suffer because of the lesser amount of actual searches it can use to build the proper models.

What Does PPC Specialists Do?

Experienced marketers are leveraging every bit of the data and insight they can get to improve their strategy and getting ready access to the real search data has become a pretty important part of that equation, even beyond the search engine marketing. So if you are looking for the ways to restore some of the insight to help the search term mining and potential keyword expansion or exclusion –

. Google Search Console information establish the organic search trends to compare them to your paid keyword performance. Search Console will never contain the level of detail of the Search term report and also removes some of the searches.

. Microsoft Ads search term report can help the individual to supplement your Google report. But if you have a lower search volume, it can be more valuable for you to combine both reports for more significant results.

. Google Keyword Planner can provide you additional insight into your potential searches.

. The independent built search tools such as Semrush and Adhrefs – their efficiency will be dependent on the methodology of their data, so we will have to see if their data is impacted by the corresponding change.

. Your own website search data especially the e-commerce advertisers, analysing searches what are happening directly on your website or app can inform your paid search keyword strategy.

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