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Home Decor Tweaks To Decorate Your House This Summer

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

The summer season brings easy, breezy, colourful days by the pool or your nearest beach in your mind. Summer season is a great time to freshen up your home appearance with some different trendy home decor tricks. Here are some summer decorating ideas by which you can make your house more beautiful:

. Bring The Outdoors In

Summer is all about enjoying the outdoors, but it is not that you have to leave your home to enjoy the mellow vibe that comes with being outside. For those of us who are not blesses with a proper outdoor area, using decorative pot inside a bird cage or glass vase to show the root system, plants can beautifully transition from the garden into your home. Choose that type of plants that don’t need too much sunlight and that are almost impossible to kill, like snake plants, succulents or bamboo palms.

. Embrace Natural Fibres

During the summer season we feel more in tune than ever by spending more time outside, and by dressing more lightly, we tend to be more receptive to what’s that surround us. So switch to summer mode by adding more textures to your home, by means of some natural fibres. It may in the shape of a few wicker baskets, sisal rug that remind you about some picnics in the park or banana leaves woven stools that give you a tropical feeling.

. Simplify Your Colour Palette

Opt for the two colours at max, and layer them very gently, keeping one as a main base and the other as an accent. These colours palette gives you a fresh, almost breezy feel to a home. Make sure that you add texture, as mentioned previously to keep your room interesting.

. Choosing Pastel or Primary Palette For Your Accent Pieces

Choosing a furniture in neutral colour that work all the year around. This gives your room to have fun with soft furnishings and accent pieces in prints and bright hues. Freshening up your room with a grey or white couch with cushions in mint, pink and blue or swap a glass vase for something in a primary colour.

. Swap Your Soft Furnishings

Heavy, ornate curtains can have a warm, luxurious feel for winter season, but it’s easy to swap them out for lighter versions once the weather warms up. So to give an immediate summery feel to your home, pull up your blinds, remove your heavy curtains to let light flood in, pack away throws, velvet, wool or silk cushions and replace them with fabrics that are more summery, such as cotton or linen. These will not only open up a room, but they will let in more sunlight in your room.

. Swap In A Glass Door

Swap out a heavy wood doors with glass doors that lets the light flow through between rooms and make the most of that spring sun to come in your room.

. Add Large Mirrors To Your Walls

Buying a large mirror for your room walls will be one of the best investments you make. By reflecting the light even if there is not much a mirror automatically opens up your room and make it feel bigger and more open.

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