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Guidelines To Use Of Personal Protective Equipment Safety Kit For Infection Control And Injuries

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kit refers to the protective clothing, face shields, helmets, facemasks, gloves, goggles or any other equipment designed to protect the wearer from the spread of any infection, injury or illness. PPE kit act as a barrier between infectious materials such as viral and bacterial contaminants and your mouth, skin or eyes (mucous membranes) to shield or protect their body from work environment. These barrier has the potential to block the transmission of contaminants from blood, body fluids or respiratory secretions.

Role of FDA in regulating PPE Kit

All the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kit that are intended for use as a medical device in various hospitals must follow the FDA’s regulation and also meet applicable voluntary consensus standards for protection. This PPE kit may include surgical masks, N95 respirators, medical gloves, gowns and many more. Each type of PPE kit is manufactured according to the European Standards (CEN Standards).

Why is PPE Kit important?

PPE kit is critically important as it is generally only used where other measures are insufficient and as such it plays a crucial role in preventing and reducing many occupational fatalities and diseases.

Types of PPE

The Health and Safety Executive provides general information and guidance about what type of PPE used in industry. The types of PPE include:

. Skin and Body Protection Equipment

Many chemicals and other materials can cause serious injuries or illness when they come in contact with your skin. These protective equipment may include:

. Protective Clothing

. Plastic Gloves

. Cut Resistant Gloves

. Heat Resistant Clothing

. Electricity Resistant Clothing

. Face Shields

. Hard Hats

. Eye Protection

Protecting your eyes is extremely important because even a minor accident can cause long term eye damage or even cause blindness. Basically these eye protection gears are the most advantageous kind of eye security gear for lay rescuers. These eye frames will shield your eyes both from injury as well as from diseases. These protective equipment may include:

. Goggles

. Welding Masks

. Sunglasses

. Breathing Protection | Respirators

Respirators are the type of protective equipment designed specifically to protect the lungs of the people wearing them. These protective equipment help to filter out dust, debris, chemicals and many other potential dangers. These protective equipment may include:

. Basic Facemasks

. Filtered Respirator

. Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

. Hearing Protection

Protecting the hearing of the employees is very important. Many people don’t notice this while working around a constant noise of a factory or other workplace. This may cause significant damage to the hearing over time. These protective equipment may include:

. Ear Plugs

. Ear Muffs

. Electronic Ear Muffs

. Hand Cleaners

The most ideal approach to prevent yourself from the spread of this malady is to wash your hands with cleanser and warm water after each contact with a medical patient. Make sure that your medical supplies or first aid kit always has alcohol based hand sanitizer.

. CPR Masks

CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) Masks is a high level plastic barrier that lays over the casualty’s mouth and nose in order to maintain a gap in the centre to permit air through. These CPR masks are easy to utilize, portable and can easily fit in your medical aid kit.

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