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Difference between the Landing Page and Website?

Landing Page – Landing page is known as the lead capture page, static page or the destination page. Basically, landing page is designed for a specific task and it appears because of an online advertisement or a search engine optimization results. When the user arrive on a landing page it is free from all distractions such as home page and mainly aims to capture the visitor’s information through a form and make them feel comfortable that the website has the solution to their problems. This is a special web page which mainly helps to drive traffic on a website for the marketing campaigns.

Website – Website is a group or a collection of related web pages of a website. Website acts as a hub of the online web presence for any business. This may include the login page, registration page, contact us page, feedback page, about us page, different types of multimedia etc. In a website all these are a part of a single domain and can be accessed through the Internet. Website provides the details about the business, keeps the details about the business and provides the required services to the customer or clients.

Below are some of the other differences between the Landing Page and Website –

. Landing page is a single web page that appears in response to the clicking on the search engine optimized search result or any online advertisement. Whereas, the Website is a set of related webpages that include the multimedia content which can be identified with a domain name.

. Landing page takes you to the product or the business page. Whereas, the Website speaks about the product or business page.

. Landing page helps to take the visitors to business. Whereas, the Website helps in fulfilling the requirement of the visitors.

. Landing page is mainly a single call to action on a web page. Whereas, the Website is a collection of multiple web pages.

. Landing page contain some specific information. Whereas, the Website consists of all the information that the customer wants to know.

. The purpose of the Landing page is to capture the leads and drive sales. Whereas, the purpose of the Website is to inform its target audience with all the relevant information.

. Landing page covers a single functionality. Whereas, the Website covers a multiple functionalities.

. In the Landing page there is no navigation or the fewer navigation. Whereas, in the Website there are many navigation links.

. Landing page usually contains texts, images and a form. Whereas, the Website may contain multiple modules, functions and multi-media.

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