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Breaking News - India-China Border Violence

Tensions flared again on India-China Border in Eastern Ladakh Galwan Valley region as Indian Army and China’s PLA suffered casualties in a violent faceoff on the night of June 15-16. Indian and Chinese soldiers were in an eye ball to eye ball standoff in the region from last month. Indian Army on Tuesday said that there was loss of 20 lives on the Indian side.

The complete list of martyrs with their name, rank and native place is given below –

1) Col Bikumalla Santosh Babu, IC-64405M, Hyderabad

2) Nb Sub Nuduram Soren, JC-5616455, Mayurbhanj

3) Nb Sub Mandeep Singh, JC-280111M, Patiala

4) Nb Sub (Dvr) Satnam Singh, JC-287210X, Gurdaspur

5) Hav (Gnr) K Palani, No 15139118Y, Madurai

6) Hav Sunil Kumar, No 4282958N, Patna

7) Hav Bipul Roy, No 15681879N, Meerut

8) NK (NA) Deepak Kumar, No 15439373K, Rewa

9) Sep Rajesh Orang, No 4295670M, Birghum

10) Sep Kundan Kumar Ojha, No 4292344Y, Sahibganj

11) Sep Ganesh Ram, No 4290532, Kanker

12) Sep Chandrakanta Pradhan, No 4294060N, Kandhamal

13) Sep Ankush, No 2516847N, Hamirpur

14) Sep Gurbinder, No 2514989F, Sangrur

15) Sep Gurtej Singh, No 2516683X, Mansa

16) Sep Chandan Kumar, No 4296728L, Bhojpur

17) Sep Kundan Kumar, No 4292067Y, Saharsa Vaishali

18) Sep Aman Kumar, No 4294713K, Samstipur

19) Sep Jai Kishor Singh, No 4297756K, Vaishali

20) Sep Ganesh Hansda, No 4298139N, East Singhbhum

Moreover, the United States said that they are keeping a close eye on the situation between India and China and hopes for a peaceful resolution. The agency reports has also revealed that the Chinese Commanding Officer of the unit involved in the face-off is killed in the clash. The total number of soldiers dead on Chinese side is 35 among several injured. Last night on Wednesday, Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh was briefed by the Indian Army in the strategic meeting attended by various army officials.

In his first official response, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that loss of Indian Soldiers “is deeply disturbing and painful” and that the Indian soldiers has “displayed exemplary courage and valour” in the face-off. He further added in his response that “The nation will never forget their bravery and sacrifice”.

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