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Astrological Remedies To Get Good Healthy Life According To Indian Astrology

A good health is a must need in the today’s time as a good healthy life play a very crucial role in a human life. As if you are suffering from different health problems it not only affect your health but also affect your personal as well as your professional life. As a person with improper health conditions would not be able to serve his duties towards its relations, society and profession. The improper health conditions may be due to the improper combinations of planets. Medical Astrology help us to know the reasons behind the different health issues such as blood pressure, stress, back pain, obesity problems, diabetes etc. When our body is in good health we can do things with ease and comfort. So, astrology plays a major role in the physical health of a person.

Various astrologers, saints and the sages from the ancient have put forth with a number of remedies for the malefic combination of the planets. They also propound that the main reason behind the suffering of human with health related issues are the jataka doshas. Experts also provide general remedies for health issues by analysing birth chart of an individual and by reading the planetary positions of different planets that determine the cosmic effect which influence our health. Mars, Saturn and Sun are the three main planets which determine the health problems and its associated remedies.

. Vigor and Vitality of a person is determined by Mars planet.

. Longevity and Endurance of the person is determined by Saturn planet.

. Life Asserting Energy is produced by Sun planet.

So, the destruction caused to health by these supernatural power of the planetary combinations can be rectified with the help of different astrological remedies such as:

. Remedy For Power

Astrology is a science which helps in thoroughly understanding ourselves and to search for physical expression of our consciousness as well. Remedies in the astrology can be best obtained just like any other science such as Ayurveda or Chinese Medicine where the unique biological makeup and tendencies based on our astrological chart can be studied and considered. The outcome of our physical expression makes perfect logical sense that any system has extensively mapped our mind and spirit would also have wisdom to offer in the area of our health as well.

. Remedy For Longevity

The certain actions like planting, eating or dressing up with leaves, roots and stems of plants are likely to bring lot of changes and luck in a person’s life. With the help of Vedic Astrology and Indian Medical Science, the mantra siddhi and medication have come up with excellent remedies that will aid us in coming out of both mental as well as health related issues.

. Remedy For Health

a) We are supposed to drop one or two coins down on the road while crossing any cemetery or a cremation ground. It is highly preferable if we drop a copper coin. This will promise you a God like benefit at a required time.

b) Health and happiness is highly ensured by at least donating a yellow pumpkin once a month in the places like temples. If you belong to the Hindu community you can offer pumpkin in the temple but if you belong to other community say you are Sikh then you can offer the pumpkin in the Gurudwara. This will ensure you with a good health and happiness.

c) It is good to keep some water in a utensil at your bed side during night before going to sleep. On the next day when you get up you need to take this water and pour it in such a place where it cannot be misused or reused for any other purpose. The best way to do this is to use this to water a plant.

d) It is good to do daily chanting of surya mantra as this is the best remedy related to the health. Not only Surya Mantra but also Sandhya Vandanam help us to take care of health related problems.

So these are the astrological remedies which help us to get good healthy life with the help of Indian Astrology.

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