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Annular Solar Eclipse: The First Cosmic Event Of 2020

On June 21st, Sunday, people from the different part of the world will witness the Annular Solar Eclipse. This solar eclipse is said to be one of the deepest annular solar eclipse of nearly a hundred years. As this eclipse is annular, people from different parts of the world will be able to witness the beauty of what is commonly signified as the “Ring of Fire”.

Basically a solar eclipse take place when the moon moves between the sun and earth, obstructing the sun’s light coming to the earth. But in an annular solar eclipse, the moon entirely or partially covers the sun causing the sun to look like an annulus (ring).

. Interesting Facts About June 21st Solar Eclipse

. This will be the first solar eclipse of the year 2020 and the second and the last solar eclipse of the year will take place on December 14, of this year, which will be a total solar eclipse.

. According to the Nehru Planetarium, this solar eclipse will be first visible in Bhuj at around 09:58 AM IST and will be seen last in Dibrugarh at around 02:29 PM IST. The best time to see this solar eclipse is at 12:10 PM IST.

. This rare solstice annular solar eclipse will be visible from various parts of world like Africa and Asia, including the Central African Republic, Congo, Ethiopia, Australia, Southern Pakistan, Northern India and China.

. The percentage obscuration of sun by moon will be about 35 percent and the magnitude will be 0.345.

. Some More Interesting Facts About This Annular Solar Eclipse

. According to the Nehru Planetarium this solar eclipse will be the last solar eclipse to be seen from India for the next 28 months. The next solar eclipse will be visible from India will take place in the year 2022 on October 25th.

. According to the Nehru Planetarium during this solar eclipse, the sun is expected to appear as a necklace of pearls for around 30 seconds, and thus it gets the “ring of fire” nickname.

. This annular solar eclipse is taking place on the same day when India is to mark its sixth International Yoga Day.

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